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Manufacturer and Supplier of Sanitary Pads, Sanitary Napkin Vending Machines,
Sanitary Pad Incinerators and Sanitary Bins

Run By Women For Women, We Are India’s Leading Brand For Female Hygiene Products & Services. Our Products and Services Are Available In 53 Cities Pan India Improving The Lives Of Over 5 Lakh Girls and Women With One Menstrual Product At A Time.

Pinkz® Sanitary Napkin Vending Machines Dispenses Fresh, Clean, Quality Sanitary Pads Of All Sizes & Types Using Currency Coins (₹1 to ₹10), Metal Tokens, Free Vending Through Button, Multiple Product Selection, UPI/QR Code, RFID Pre-Paid Card.

Pinkz® Sanitary Napkin Incinerator Burns The Used Sanitary Pads And Reduces It To Non Toxic, Non Particle Smoke With Less Than 1 mg Of Ash

Pinkz® Sanitary Bins Segregates Used Sanitary Pads From Wet And Dry Waste Using A Oxo Biodegradable Liner And Deodoriser.

You can install our products anywhere both urban and rural locations provided they provide privacy and independence from prying eyes such as washrooms, cloak rooms, locker rooms at Schools, Colleges, Universities, Hostels, Hotels, Restaurants, Clubs, Malls, Theatres, Cinema Halls, Offices, Factories, Slum Centres, Bachat Ghars, Divyaang Schools, Banks, Hospitals, Clinics, Gramin Shops, Pradhan Mantri Bhartiya Janaushdhi Pariyojna Kendras, Public Washrooms, Village Community Centres, and more.

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We Are India’s Leading Brand For Female Hygiene Products & Services, Our Machines Are Installed In 53 Cities Pan India With Both Local & Remote Unlimited Engineer Support Across All Products.

Tendril Products Highlights

We Are India’s Leading Brand For Female Hygiene Products & Services, Our Machines Are Installed In 53 Cities Pan India With Both Local & Remote Unlimited Engineer Support Across All Products.

We Procure Our Raw Material Using Local Indian Suppliers And Vendors.

Our Machines Are Made With Mild Steel Sheets For 3 Years Of Rust-Free Experience.

Our Machines Are Available In 100 Variations Including Colour, Capacity, Size.

Our Patrons Enjoy & Receive A Comprehensive Warranty And Engineer Service.

We Serve Females From All Economic & Social Conditions Including The Specially Abled (Divyaang).

Our Products Are Created With The Three Core Values of Sustainability – Social, Economical & Environmental.

Our Core Values

Our products and services is aimed at empowering women (by making sanitary products hygienically available especially during emergencies), educating girls and women (by sharing knowledge through dialogue and menstrual sessions) and through entrepreneurship (by creating business opportunities either through our products and/or through our requirements)

Service Driven

We support and train our employees so that they can provide machines that are professional and competent and valued by the consumer. We assist our consumers to use independently.


Making it cost-effective and cost-efficient for all, the premise and the user. Solely since cost provides an incomplete picture that fails to consider the level of access and quality of care received for each Rupee spent.


Health, safety and environmental issues are of paramount importance, hence through the design process, a significant emphasis is placed on independent assessment of our products with a focus on disposal of items.


Our designs are built to last. We believe it is important to look upon the machine as an asset that is designed to provide a significant and positive business return over the lifetime of the machine.

Our success is based on the quality of the products we create, our commitment to excellence in customer service and support, our focus on innovation and passion for providing customers with more options, better solutions for female health, hygiene and sanitation.

Automatic Coin Operated | Manual Coin Operated Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine Manufacturer and Supplier in India

Demo Video – Sanitary Napkins Vending Machine

Our Clients

Since our inception we have installed over 1500 machines Pan India, some of these esteemed premises include